About The London Column

There is nothing so distant as the recent past. Whatever London you occupy today, it will be gone by tomorrow or the day after. The life of the city is infinite and unknowable; all we can do is look and report on what we find.

The London Column is dedicated to the writers and photographers who have tried to make sense of the teeming city. Dispatches, comment and analysis from the past sixty years, from the Festival of Britain to the present. London now, London then.

The London Column may be contacted at: thelondoncolumn@gmail.com

12 Comments on “About The London Column”

  1. botogol says:

    this is a great collection, thank you.

    navigation — I’d quite like to be able to start at the first post and then easily click through the posts from start to finish, but not possible to do.

  2. Hi – the easiest way to scroll the site is through the ‘gallery’ section: the very first posts on the site are at the bottom, click on a picture then follow the arrows on each page from there.

  3. klippsjournal says:

    Wonderful Blog BW

  4. magnowska says:

    Brilliant collection of photographs documenting London – very inspiring to a keen photographer of the changing city myself.

  5. Dan Pounds says:

    This blog is just what I’ve been looking for. Any photos of Dolland street squat Kennington circa 1985 1986?

  6. Sadly not. But if you have any I’d like to see them.

  7. Just found this great site this evening. Really looking forward to taking a better look. Until then that edit won’t do its self.

  8. Mary Baginsky says:

    Found this via Baroque in hackney and so glad I did – great site and wonderful distraction from work

  9. Kim Ropek says:

    Great articles .

  10. Simon Fisher says:

    What a great site I just stumbled across, looking for info on the old photographic studios which were along Farringdon Road. Memories of Johno’s came flooding back

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