Dmitri Kasterine. Text: Joanna Blachnio. (5/5)

Barrow boy, World’s End, 1963. © Dmitri Kasterine.

Joanna Blachnio writes: 

And then he forgets. Clearly. The formula for the circumference of the circle and the length of the arch. How to calculate mass, and how to express vacuum in numbers. He forgets the latchkey, warming slowly in his pocket, the water gathered by one of his wingless shoes. He forgets the order of notes on the musical scale. Even that game of marbles, shamefully lost to Jimmy Croghan. He forgets how mist comes into being – and it rises, contrary to experience, from the ground, spreading sideways. And envelops all except his face.

… for The London Column. © Joanna Blachnio 2011.