Boxers of Bethnal Green. Photos: Alex Hocking, text: Joanna Blachnio. (3/5)

York Hall, Bethnal Green. © Alex Hocking 2011.

Who?  by Joanna Blachnio

Sometimes the din and tumult die down, and what remains is lines. Ribs, spine, jaw, clavicles –
and all that is before, behind, between, above, below. Other lines, too – the road in front of you, the
trees along the hard shoulder. Your fence, your gate. The trail of your dog in the snow. And in the
summer, sheets drying in the garden. The curves of her hips and belly. The long-distance phone call.
The cheque-book, waiting to be signed.
And the trajectory you must follow. The line you will cross, now.

… for The London Column. © Joanna Blachnio 2011.