Dalston, 9 November 2016.


Photo © Jody Porter.

3 Comments on “Dalston, 9 November 2016.”


    Ah Ah ….Great picture….yes, the future will shock Us again and again…..Guns producers stop drinking champagne!

  2. Sherry Felix says:

    I think a biblical plague or flood is in order.

  3. The realist in me sees me sadly agreeing with Sherry. The US Republicans represent the three G’s; Guns, God and Gays.. Gulp … Just thought I had to jot some things down in the face of all the news since his winning, I feel I should have been more prepared after seeing the Coral Betting ad in the Evening Standard (eve of election) offering 25:1 odds on Clinton winning, down, from 2:5. I am GULPing, – The triumph of so called post-factual politics, and of ignorance, isolationism and prejudice.

    As the song goes “Won’t get fooled again”, and millions of American’s who have seen their living standards decline over the last 10 years or so just have been fooled. A billionaire property owner with a large ego and failed casino businesses is not going to make their lives better.

    America will head for a recession, the dollar is already falling, and world trade will decline. Most Americans and most of the rest of the world will get poorer. IMO. And climate change will be deemed to not exist.

    Europe and the UK is still relatively open for some luckier Americans with the money and the right credentials to move over here, – before a wall is put up here to keep them out too.

    I hope that I am not being too pessimistic, I am usually quite cheerful (though a realist). After all, I can’t see Trump surviving more than 4 years, – but nearly all predictions about him have been wrong so far..

    We live “in interesting times.”